Ad.Style Native Adnetwork Review:Minimum payout,Payment proof and CPCrates

Ad.Style Native AdNetwork Detailed Review with Payment Proof arrival in 2017

Ad.Style is the new ad network that provides Native ads like Under article, sidebar with customisation option for chosing Rows and Columns by your own.

Head Office at Boca Raton,Florida.

Good News  for Tier-1 Countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Russia,etc

It is a perfect native ad network for a website having majority of traffic from tier 1 countries.You will get roughly 0.04 to 0.10$ cpc as most of their Advertisers are from the Tier-1 countries.

Sad News for Tier-3 Countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China,etc

This ad network is not suitable for Tier-3 traffic.As it is a new ad network so its Geo Target is very limited and due to lack of global clients it only pay for unique clicks which means it does not count all clicks.

BEST for Tier-1 Traffic,WORST for Tier-3 Traffic

Minimum Payout:

Till now It’s minimum payout is 10$.So it is good for small publishers to try this out and cash out quick.But this is  a promotional offer to attract publishers.They may increase the threshold to 50$ anytime.

Payment Methods:You will get paid via Paypal,Check,International Wire transfer,Direct transfer(ACH US).

Scam or Not?

  • is entrusted by EA, MSN, TechCrunch.
  • Due to their minimum payout threshold of 10$ they seems to be legitimate.
  • I know everyone is looking for the payment proof.I am proud to say that I am the one who post the payment proof for this network first.Go below to see the Payment proof.


  • They have Live chat support.Response is fast and good.
  • Their ads are very well related to your niche blog.So you will get more clicks which inturn increases your CTR.
  • Dashboard and Reports are pretty awesome with enough data.
  • Minimum payout:10$.


  • New Native adnetwork so Trust factor is Less.
  • Not suitable for Tier-3 traffic.
  • Counts only unique and valuable clicks.

You may connect with them on Facebook Twitter Linked In

Payment Proof:

I got paid by them via Paypal. I received 21.17$ from Ad.Style adnetwork which i earned on January 2018.

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