How to Parse Adsense Ad code to Add it into Template on Blogger

We all know about Google Adsense. It is the Leading Advertising Company and many Websites are using it to generate revenue. Even Many of Bloggers earn their living from Adsense by making Huge Money. Many of my Friends ask me about while placing Adsense Code in between, Above or Below Post content on Blogger platform they need to convert the Adsense code by parsing it using Converter and then add it on their Theme xml editor.

Why We Need to Parse Adsense Code In order to use it inside Blogger Theme Editor

Actually Adsense Code is in HTML format But the Blogger Template is in XML Format. In order to use Adsense code inside the Theme editor,We need to Convert Adsense code from html to xml.
Due to that we parse the Adsense code.

How to Parse Adsense Code:-

There are many Converters available Online and Many Websites provide Code Converter. I list some of the Website where you can convert your Adsense code.
They are:

Whether Converting Adsense Code violates Google Terms Of Service(TOS)?

You are Right. If you edit the Adsense code it is violation and you may soon get notified by Google regarding the Violation. But Converting Adsense Code from HTML to XML is not a Violation. This Conversion is indirectly happened in Blogger platform too when you add the Adsense Code in the Layout Section. So it is not against their Policies and TOS.

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