A Handbook for Letter Writing by SC Gupta PDF

A Handbook on Letter Writing is a Comprehensive Book that teaches you Art and Techniques of writing Letter. Download A Handbook for Letter Writing by SC Gupta in pdf to master in Letter writing to increase the Aggregate of your Merit marks for your Competitive Exams.

A Handbook for Letter Writing by SC Gupta PDF
A Handbook for Letter Writing by SC Gupta PDF

“Handbook on Letter Writing by Arihant Publication” is the Best Book to learn how to write a letter on Competitive Examinations such as UPSC, State PSC & other National Level Exams.

A HandBook on Letter Writing PDF

Arihant Handbook on Letter Writing PDF
Arihant Handbook on Letter Writing PDF

Book Details:-

Book Name:A Handbook on Letter Writing
Author/Publisher:SC Gupta/Arihant Publications
No of Pages:260 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:24 MB

This book contains different kinds of letters; Personal, Business Letters, Applications, Official Letters, Application Writing, Apology, Condolence, and so on The book additionally contains the E-mailing, Report Writing and Press Release areas. A basic and simple language with the most recent pattern has been used in this book. This book will likewise help you in building up the research and writing skills.”

Chapters Covered:

Arihant’s Handbook on Letter Writing Book has 5 Chapters.

  1. Introduction of Letter Writing
  2. Informal Letter
  3. Formal Letter
    a). Letter to the Editor
    b). Complaint and Suggestion Letters
    c). Application Writing
    d). Business Letters
    e). Official Letters
  4. Reference/Recommendation Letters
  5. Email

Letters are mainly categorised into two types. They are

  1. Formal Letters
  2. Informal Letters

Formal Letters

Formal Letters are suitable for
> Business proposal
> Sales
> Marketing
> Job Application
> Resume/CV
> And in any Academic Studies

Informal Letters

Informal Letters are suitable for

> Family Letters
> Letter to Relatives
> Letter to Friends
> To Classmates
> Co-Workers
> Love Letters
> Informal Invitation

Difference between Formal & Informal Letters

Should not use Contractionscan use Contractions. eg: don’t, can’t
Cannot use Idioms & Phrasescan use Idioms & Phrases
Phrasal Verbs should not be usedPhrasal Verbs can be used
Imperatives should not be usedImperatives should be used


  • Best Book guide you to write Email, Applications & Letters
  • Suggest you buy paperback Book of Handbook on Letter writing authored by SC Gupta
  • Every Aspirant preparing for UPSC, SSC, Banking(SBI, IBPS, LIC, RBI) or State PSC must have this Book to improve his Letter writing skill.
  • Covers All the Topics needed to study for any Competitive Exams.


  • More Letter Writing Should have been included
  • Have lots of grammatical errors-Not expected from this Book

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