R. Gupta’s Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms PDF

R. Gupta’s Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms (words with Hindi Meanings) PDF | 2024 Edition will enhance your vocabulary and improve your language skills. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you find the perfect words to express yourself effectively, whether you’re speaking or writing.

R. Gupta's Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms PDF [Words in Hindi Meanings]
R. Gupta’s Tresury of Synonyms & Antonyms PDF [Words in Hindi Meanings]

With a vast collection of synonyms and antonyms, paired with their Hindi meanings, this PDF is a valuable resource for students, professionals, and language enthusiasts alike. Get ready to broaden your linguistic horizons and master the art of effective communication.

Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms – R Gupta

Words with Hindi Meanings

The book offers immense practical value to a wide range of individuals, including learners, students, teachers, writers, authors, editors, and journalists, by providing valuable assistance in their respective fields.

Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms (words with Hindi Meanings) - R Gupta
Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms (words with Hindi Meanings) – R Gupta

It encompasses a diverse vocabulary that proves beneficial not only for students in schools and colleges but also for those preparing for competitive exams. By reading this book, readers can enhance their learning experience, expand their vocabulary, and improve their verbal abilities.

Book Details:-

Book Name:R. Gupta’s Treasury of Synonyms & Antonyms [Words in Hindi Meanings]
Author/Publisher:RPH Editorial Board
No of Pages:498 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:48.9 MB

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Inside the Book:

  • 1 Words Beginning with ‘A’
  • 2 Words Beginning with ‘B’
  • 3 Words Beginning with ‘C’
  • 4 Words Beginning with ‘D’
  • 5 Words Beginning with ‘E’
  • 6 Words Beginning with ‘F’
  • 7 Words Beginning with ‘G’
  • 8 Words Beginning with ‘H’
  • 9 Words Beginning with ‘I’
  • 10 Words Beginning with ‘J’
  • 11 Words Beginning with ‘K’
  • 12 Words Beginning with ‘L’
  • 13 Words Beginning with ‘M’
  • 14 Words Beginning with ‘N’
  • 15 Words Beginning with ‘O’
  • 16 Words Beginning with ‘P’
  • 17 Words Beginning with ‘Q’
  • 18 Words Beginning with ‘R’
  • 19 Words Beginning with ‘S’
  • 20 Words Beginning with ‘T’
  • 21 Words Beginning with ‘U’
  • 22 Words Beginning with ‘V’
  • 23 Words Beginning with ‘W’
  • 24 Words Beginning with ‘X’
  • 25 Words Beginning with ‘Y’
  • 26 Words Beginning with ‘Z’

Key Features of this Book:

  • Highly useful for Hindi medium students who try to learn English words
  • Best for Beginners to learn Synonyms & Antonyms in their Own Hindi Language

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