Mastering Essay and Answer Writing PDF Download for Free

Mastering Essay and Answer Writing Book released by Disha Publication is an excellent guide to Essay writing for UPSC and other Public Service Exams. Download this Book in PDF format and read it on your Smartphone.

Mastering Essay & Answer Writing Book for UPSC exams by Disha PDF Download
Mastering Essay & Answer Writing Book for UPSC exams by Disha PDF Download

Many of us dream to become Civil servant but only few stud taste the Success.

UPSC or other State PSC exams is conducted in 3 Stages:

> Prelims
> Mains
> Interview (Personality Test)

Mains Paper including Essay paper are descriptive and we need great Writing Skills. So, one must improve his/her writing skill to succeed in Competition.

About Author: Awdhesh Singh

He was selected in IRS (Indian Revenue Service) in 1990 and worked in Revenue Department for more than 25 years.

But now he took voluntary retirement and follow his passion of writing & published Five books till now.

He has been teaching many students about Essay & Answer Writing on Unacademy for more than a year and received top rating from his students.

Download Mastering Essay & Answer Writing Book in PDF

Mastering Essay & Answer Writing PDF
Mastering Essay & Answer Writing PDF

Mastering Essay & Answer Writing Book is not a typical book. This Book reflects the Author’s Insight that he gained over the years as a writer, teacher and a Civil servant in this Book.

This Book helps you providing a practical help to develop your writing Skill. It is possible to write great essays & answers if you have great in-depth knowledge about the Topic.

Book Details:-

Book Name:Mastering Essay & Answer Writing
Author/Publisher:Disha Publication
No of Pages:205 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:34 MB

Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

No matter how well you’ve prepared for a competition, there’s always the chance you’ll make a silly mistake. And while you may not be able to avoid every pitfall, there are some common mistakes that you can definitely avoid.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when writing an essay for any competitive exam:

  1. Always see the big picture rather than focusing on details
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  3. Don’t be afraid to admit that you need help
  4. Make sure that your writing is free from grammar and spelling mistakes
  5. Don’t be afraid to use the spell check
  6. Don’t try to be imaginative and creative
  7. Don’t try to impress the examiner with your vocabulary
  8. Don’t try to be too smart

Tips for Writing an Essay

  • Don’t just write about what you know and what your hobbies are
  • Write to convince people instead of just explaining something
  • Don’t write in big words or use complicated terms
  • Don’t write in the passive voice
  • Be very specific with your thesis statement
  • Use simple language and a clear way of writing
  • Don’t use the same words and phrases
  • Don’t write the introduction first
  • Choose a topic that you really like and are interested in

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