[PDF] Disha 151 Essay for IAS / PCS & other Competitive Exams

Started preparing for UPSC, State PSC, SSC or any other Competitive Exams, then you should improve your Answer & Essay writing skills to score good marks. In Descriptive type of exams, you should express all your points in the answer paper. To practice and improve your Answer writing abilities, Disha 151 Essays for IAS & PCS will help achieve it. It is available to download in PDF for free

Disha 151 Essays for IAS & PCS PDF
Disha 151 Essays for IAS & PCS PDF

151 essays Book is a comprehensive collection of essay papers. It’s usually used by students preparing for the UPSC Mains exam and other competitive exams in India. For Paper-I, it can help candidates produce well-written responses to the essay questions. All essay topics we offer are related to the IAS/ PCs and cover detailed theoretical issues and challenges surrounding the subjects. There are 151 essays altogether and each essay provides a broad understanding of the topic it is written about. The essay is in a very convincing style and incorporates detailed info on the topic.

151 Essays Disha PDF

Disha 151 Essays Book PDF
Disha 151 Essays Book PDF

An Anthology of Essays /Articles on

  • Polity & Governance
  • World Polity
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Social Justice
  • Social Development
  • Social Challenges
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Education
  • Society & Culture
  • Science & Technology
  • Life & Philosophy

Salient Features:-

  • It is a good book and it helps in developing a central idea about a topic though not actually of UPSC CSE level, but would otherwise be great for other State PSCs. You should go for it.
  • Essays are full of knowledge but they’re written in a poor English with lots of misspellings.

Book Details:-

Book Name:151 Essays for IAS/PCS & other Competitive Exams
Author/Publisher:Disha Publication
No of Pages:666 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:12 MB

101 Essays Disha PDF [Previous Edition]

101 Essays PDF Download by Disha
101 Essays PDF Download by Disha
Book Name:101 Essays
Author/Publisher:Disha Publications
No of Pages:289 pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
File Size:85 MB



  1. Importance of Right to Vote in a Democracy Electoral Malpractices Reforms in India
  2. NRC Issue and its Impacts on India’s ties with its Neighbours
  3. How will the Abrogation of Article 370 Benefit J & K and Ladakh
  4. Panchayati Raj Key to Good Governance
  5. Government Surveillance and Right to Privacy
  6. Judicial Activism and Judicial Overreach in India
  7. RTI Act 2005 Implementation and Challenges
  8. Connecting with India the North East
  9. Right to Privacy a Fundamental Right
  10. Right to Dissent the Foundation of Democracy
  11. Smart Cities for Urban Transformation
  12. The criminalisation of Politics A Grave Threat to the Indian Democracy
  13. Terrorism is more of a Politically Instigated Mental Problem than Religious one Do you agree Why Why Not
  14. Indian Nationalism and Free Speech
  15. How does the Indian Model of Secularism Differ from the Western Model?
  16. Caste Politics has Succeeded in India Do you Agree Why Why not
  17. Civil Servants and Politicians A Complicated Partnership


18. India’s Foreign Policy Challenges Under Modi Govt
19. Is there an end to the Syrian Conflict
20. India s Pursuit of Permanent seat in UN Security Council
21. Rohingya Crisis Understanding its Genesis
22. The Role of UNO in Establishing World Peace


23. India s March in the Ease of Doing Business Rankings
24. Merger of Public Sector Banks in India
25. Why India Opted out of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
26. Agricultural Reforms and Farmer Welfare Schemes under the Modi Government
27. Rising NPAs in India s Banking causes Loopholes Measures to Curb the Problem
28. How far has India been Successful in its Battle Against Black Money
29. India s Trade Deficit with other Countries Steps to Boost Exports
30. India s Draft e-commerce Policy
31. How Effective is Insolvency Bankruptcy code in India
32. India s Economic slowdown Recession or Downturn
33. India China Trade Imbalance
34. Food Security for Sustainable National Development
35. National Policy on Skill Development
36. Can Contract Farming Revive India’s Agriculture
37. Banking Crisis in India Failure of Governance and Regulation
38. Nobel Prize for Economics 2019 to Abhijit Banerjee A Proud Moment for India
39 Make in India The Vision Infrastructure New Processes and Hurdles
40 RBI Ban on India s Cryptocurrency Exchanges
41 The Problems and Solutions of Unemployment in India
42 The Goods Services Tax Achievements Implementation Challenges
43 Young India s Preference from Job Search to Job Creation
44 Feminisation of Agriculture Sector
45 How far have the Farmers Benefited from the New Agricultural Schemes
46 Public-Private Partnerships in Preparing the Curriculum for Market Relevant Skills Development
47 Why does Agriculture Remain Devoid of Profitability Despite Productivity Gains


48. Waste Management in India
49. Water Scarcity in India
50. Urban Pollution in India A National Crisis
51. Why the International Solar Alliance is Geopolitically Significant to India
52. Renewable Energy for a Greener Future Development Challenges
53. E-waste The Dark Side of the Tech Revolution
54. Stubble Burning Air Pollution in North India
55. Environment vs Growth
56. The Importance of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
57. How Important is Energy Conservation for Our Planet
58. The Depletion of the Ozone Layer
59. The Impact of Population Explosion on the Environment
60. The Scarcity of Resources How the Resources are becoming Scarce and What Can be Done to Prevent This
61. Global Warming is Warning us through Rising Sea Level and Melting Icecaps
62. Coral Reef Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Management
63. Climate Change is Farce
64. Groundwater Conservation and Management for Agricultural Purpose in India
65. Urbanization and Its Hazards
66. The Country’s Need for a Better Disaster Management System


67. Injustice of Capital Punishment
68. Should India have a Uniform Civil Code
69. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana has it Changed People’s Mindset
70. Is Caste Reservation a Boon or a Bane for the Development of Indian Society
71. Gender Equality in India
72. Empowering A Woman Empowers Next Generations
73. Is an Egalitarian Society Possible by Educating the Masses
74. Racial Discrimination and Struggle for Equality
75. The Dark Disparity Gap between Rich and Poor


76. How Has Globalization Affected Indian Society
77. Why We Should Support Girls Education
78. How Effective are Social Security Social Welfare Schemes in India
79. Women Empowerment is the key Factor or Achieving Sustainable Development
80. India’s Fight Against Diseases
81. Illiteracy in India A Curse to the Society
82. Negative Positive Impacts of Advertising on Society
83. India s Ageing Population Struggling with Isolation and Poverty
84. Diplomacy in War Against Terrorism
85. Contribution of NGOs for Socio-Economic Development
86. Increasing Population Biggest Threat to India’s Development
87. If You Want a Good Mother Sister and Wife then Start Educating a Girl Child
88. Managing Work and Home Is the Indian Working Woman Getting a Fair Deal
89. The Power of Social Media
90. Is Growing Level of Competition Good for Youth
91. Farmers Suicides Looking Beyond Indebtedness
92. Should Educational Qualification be Made Mandatory for Politicians
93. Reservations and Human Development in India
94. Corporate Social Responsibility Nation Needs It
95. The Swelling Middle Class
96. Trust Transparency Tranquillity Core Competencies of Human Resource Management
97. Naturopathy Nature’s Way of Healing Life


98. Terrorism that Changed the World
99. Human Trafficking in India
100. Child Labour in India Causes Bonded Labour Government Initiatives
101. Honour Killing The Concealed Evil
102. Crimes against Women Is India the World’s Most Dangerous Country for Women
103. Should the Places of Worship be Opened only to all Castes and not to all Genders
104. Communal Conflicts in India Causes and Remedies
105. Rising Hate Crimes Intolerance Detrimental to Growth


106. Is a Biased Media Bad for Democracy
107. Can Science and Spirituality Coexist
108. Emotions and Information Propagation in Social Media
109. Modernism and Our Traditional Socio Ethical Values
110. Is Communalism a Challenge to Peace or Propagation of Religion or Something Else
111. Wearing Patriotism on Your Sleeve
112. Religion Maybe Bigger Business than Ever Before
113. Indians have Spiritual Liberty but not Social Liberty
114. Goodwill Tolerance and Brotherhood Three Pillars of a Pluralist Society
115. Road Rage Emotional Intelligence is the Need of the Hour
116. The relevance of Gandhi in Modern Times
117. Cyber Bullying More Extreme than Face to face Taunts


118. Education is the Key Driver of Economic success and social mobility
119. Higher Education in India since independence UGC and its Approach 120. Education is a Weapon that Can Change the World
121. Right to Education Challenges Prospects
122. Importance of Value Education
123. Upcoming Careers Turning Passions into Professions


124. Impact of the Internet in Creating Informative Society is Dangerous for India’s Rich Culture
125. Only the Youth can Make 21st Century as the Century of Peace
126. Marriage An Institution of Great Social Relevance
127. A Girl Child is an Asset, Not a Liability
128. Humans Should be Cooperative Rather than Competitive


129. Chandrayaan 2 Hits Misses and the Road Ahead for ISRO
130. Genetically Modified Crops A Boon or Bane
131. Artificial Intelligence and its Challenges
132. Science Technology is the Panacea for Growth and Security of a Nation
133. Exploring the World of Communication
134. Cloud Computing Concept Challenges Limitations
135. Cybernation A Threat or an Opportunity for Employment
136. Aadhaar World s Largest Biometric ID System


137. A Home without Books is like a Tree without Birds
138. A House is built by Hands but a Home is built by Heart
139. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it
140. Don’t limit a child to your own Learning for he was Born in Another Time
141. History Without Political Science Has 368-370 No Fruit And Political Science Without History Has No Roots
142. No One Can Win Alone but Unity Can 371-372
143. You Cannot Believe in God Until You 373-374 Believe in Yourself
144. The Greatest Sin is to think Yourself Weak
145. Be the Change You Want to See in Others
146. Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail
147. Science Without Religion Is Lame Religion without Science is blind
148. Peace Not Merely the Absence of War but the Presence of a Better Life 149. Without Conversion of Mind and Heart, the Social Structure that Perpetuate Inequality cannot be Destroyed
150. Socio-Political Philosophy of Vivekananda
151. What You Really Need to Succeed EQ 390-392 or IQ

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