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Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state of India, is a land of diverse culture, art, and history. It is home to many ancient monuments, temples, and wildlife sanctuaries, making it a popular tourist destination. While many of its attractions are known to the world, there are still many details and facts about Madhya Pradesh that are not as widely known. To help uncover some of these secrets, Arihant has created “Know Your State Madhya Pradesh” a comprehensive PDF guide to the state. This guide contains detailed information about the state’s top attractions, culture, history, cuisine, and wildlife. It also provides in-depth discussions about the state’s economy, politics, and infrastructure. With its easy-to-read format, “Know Your State Madhya Pradesh” is the perfect way to start exploring the many facets of this fascinating and beautiful part of India. Download the PDF today and start discovering the wonders of Madhya Pradesh!

Know your State Madhya Pradesh PDF
Know your State Madhya Pradesh PDF

General Information of Madhya Pradesh

  • Date of Constitution: 1st November, 1956
  • Rajya Diwas: 1st November
  • Capital: Bhopal
  • Latitude: 21° 6¢N to 26.30°N
  • Longitude: 74°9¢E to 82°48¢E
  • Energy Capital: Singrauli
  • Industrial Capital: Indore
  • Main Tribe: Gond
  • Hill Station: Pachmarhi, Amarkantak
  • Highest Peak: Dhoopgarh
  • Total Geographical Area: 3,08,252 sq km2
  • Expansion: 870 km (East-West); 605 km (North-South)
  • Districts: 52
  • Divisions: 10
  • Lok Sabha Constituencies: 29
  • Rajya Sabha Constituencies: 11

State Symbols of Madhya Pradesh

State Animal:Swamp Deer
State Bird:Dudhraj
State Tree:Banyan
State Flower:White Lilly
State Game:Malkhamb

Know Your State Madhya Pradesh PDF

Know Your State - Madhya Pradesh by Arihant PDF
Know Your State – Madhya Pradesh by Arihant PDF

If you want to explore the beauty of Madhya Pradesh and know more about its history, culture and traditions, you can find all the information you need in the Know Your State Madhya Pradesh by Arihant Pdf Download. This comprehensive guidebook provides a detailed overview of the state, from its history and geography to its economy and culture. You will also find information on the various tourist attractions and activities available in Madhya Pradesh, making it the perfect guide for those looking for an immersive and authentic experience.

It is necessary to possess a broad understanding of Madhya Pradesh for those taking part in the state’s competitive tests. This book (Know Your State Madhya Pradesh) is intended to be used as a reference for pupils appearing for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) and other state-level competitive exams. At the end of each chapter, a number of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) have been included to assess the candidate’s comprehension of the subject from the assessment perspective. The book supplies the most pertinent, dependable, and up-to-date information on a variety of aspects of Madhya Pradesh.

Book Details:-

Book Name:Know Your State Madhya Pradesh
Author/Publisher:Arihant Publications
Edition:4th Edition (2020)
No of Pages:431 Pages
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:17.2 MB

View the First 40 pages of this Pdf from below to decide whether to buy it or not… I will assure you this Book will surely fetch you at least 3-5 marks in your upcoming State PSC exams.

Table of Content

  • Madhya Pradesh: Basic Information,
  • History of Madhya Pradesh,
  • Regional History of Madhya Pradesh,
  • Geographical Structure,
  • Soils and Climate,
  • Rivers and Drainage System,
  • Forest and Wildlife,
  • Mineral Resources,
  • Agriculture and Irrigation,
  • Animal Husbandry,
  • Industries and Energy Resources,
  • Transport and Communication,
  • Tourism of the State, Music, Dance and Drama,
  • Art and Dance,
  • Cultural Institutes,
  • Festival, Fair and Cuisine,
  • Administrative Structure,
  • State Planning and Development Policies,
  • Rural and Urban Local Self-Development,
  • Demographic Profile,
  • Education and Health,
  • Tribes of Madhya Pradesh,
  • Sports and Awards
  • Famous Personalities


Who authored this Book ‘Know Your State Madhya Pradesh’?

Jagatsingh Maheshwari & Madhumita Pattrea

Who Published ‘Know Your State Madhya Pradesh’ Book?

Arihant Publication

What is My Opinion about the Book ‘Know Your State Madhya Pradesh’?

Know Your State Haryana Book by Arihant is a comprehensive guide for all the aspirants of the Haryana Public Service Commission and other State Exams. Read this book to know about the history, culture, language and traditions associated with Haryana. If you want to know more about this state then download this book Pdf now!

How to Crack Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Exams?

➤ Develop a study plan and stick to it
➤ Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and syllabus
➤ Follow the standard textbooks and prescribed material
➤ Practice mock tests frequently
➤ Make sure to revise regularly
➤ Focus on time management while attempting the exam
➤ Make use of previous year’s question papers
➤ Make use of relevant study material available online
➤ Have a positive attitude and stay motivated


Arihant’s ‘Know Your State Madhya Pradesh’ Book Pdf Download provides a comprehensive guide to Madhya Pradesh. This informative guide covers the state’s main attractions, including its cities, monuments, and wildlife sanctuaries, as well as its culture and history. It is an ideal resource for those looking to gain an understanding of the state, as well as for those planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh. With its easy-to-read format and engaging content, Arihant Pdf Download’s Know Your State Madhya Pradesh will help you make the most of your time in this incredible state.

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