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Download History Study Materials and notes for TNPSC(Tamilnadu Public Service Commission) in Tamil as well as in English in PDF format for free.

History Notes & Books in Tamil for TNPSC

TNPSC Group 2/2A Model & Previous Question Papers
TNPSC Group 2/2A Model & Previous Question Papers

In Tamilnadu Public Service Commission(Tnpsc), History plays an important role in group 1, 2/2A, 3 & 4 exams and other government conducted exams such as Forester, engineering exams, etc. Especially Tamilnadu history related questions are asked more frequently. Nearly 15-20 questions are asked from History. In that, the most important topics are the Indian National Movement, South Indian Kingdom, Vellore Mutiny, Mughul Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Tamilnadu History after Independence and many more.

New/Updated Syllabus for HISTORY in TNPSC

Pre‐historic events ‐Indus valley civilization‐Vedic, Aryan and Sangam age‐Maurya dynasty‐Buddhism and Jainism‐ Guptas, Delhi Sultans, Mughals and Marathas‐Age of Vijayanagaram and the bahmini Kingdom‐South Indian history‐Culture and Heritage of Tamil people‐Advent of European invasion‐Expansion and consolidation of British rule‐Effect of British rule on socio‐economic factors‐Social reforms and religious movements‐India since independence‐Characteristics of Indian culture‐Unity in diversity -race, color, language, custom‐India as secular state‐Organizations for fine arts, dance, drama, music‐Growth of rationalist, Dravidian movement in TN‐Political parties and populist schemes – Prominent personalities in the various spheres – Arts, Science, literature, and Philosophy – Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda, Pandit Ravishankar, M.S.Subbulakshmi, Rukmani Arundel and J.Krishnamoorthy, etc.

Download History Study Materials/Notes in Tamil Medium

Download History Study Materials/Notes in English Medium

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Buy SURA’S TNPSC Group 1 & Group 2/2A Exam as per 2020 New Syllabus which also covers TamilNadu History, Art & Culture, Tirukkural according to the revised syllabus.

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  • Published By: SURA
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